A Reading Helper is Important
Every child deserves the best possible start when it comes to learning. Kids are naturally inquisitive and they want to learn. As parents, it is our job to make sure that we provide resources and help to assure that our kids have everything that they need to develop the skills that they will need to... Read more
Reading Difficulties and Remediation
The Most Common Reading Difficulties When your child learns the alphabet, they are becoming phonemically aware. As they become more fluent in their phonemic awareness, they begin to develop phonological awareness which allows them to work with word parts, syllables, oral rhymes and words that do not follow the phonemic rules. Most children will develop... Read more
Help to Teach a Dyslexic Child To Read
What is Dyslexia? Dyslexia is one of the most mystifying disorders that hinders a child’s ability to learn to read because all other cognitive functions are unaffected. Children with dyslexia are typically of normal intelligence. They simply struggle with processing words and struggle with phonological awareness. The International Dyslexia Foundation defines it this way: “Dyslexia... Read more
Why Students Struggle with Reading and How to Help a Child Struggling with Reading Comprehension
Is your kid struggling with reading and reading comprehension? Here are some questions for parents out there: Is your child struggling with literacy skills?  Are they unmotivated to read for you?  Does your reader feel embarrassed when their friends at school are able to read at a higher level?  When reading is difficult for a... Read more
Why Students Struggle With Reading
Many students struggle with reading.  According to the most recent NAEP report card, 33% of fourth-graders are not proficient readers (2019).  By the fourth grade students are no longer learning to read, but are, instead, reading to learn.  As a result, a lack of reading proficiency can deeply impact all areas of a student’s academic... Read more
List of Reading Interventions to Increase Fluency & Comprehension
Identifying Students Who Need Intervention for Increasing Fluency & Comprehension Whether you are a classroom teacher or a homeschool parent, some of the first literacy skills that a student needs to acquire are the most crucial early literacy skills: phonics (letter sounds), spelling, word recognition, reading fluency and comprehension. Reading comprehension is at the core... Read more
Reading Problems and Solutions for Children
For Every Reading Problem- There is a Solution It might sound cliché, but there is truth to the old saying that for every problem, there is a solution. This also applies to children who have been identified with reading problems. Reading problems can stem from a variety of medical difficulties and/or environmental conditions like vision... Read more
How to Help a Your Child Read: Overcoming Reading Disabilities
11 Ways parents can help their kids read Remember that a child’s education is not simply practiced in a brick and mortar institution.  Children learn by observation, and worldly lessons are part of their educational journey.  As a parent, we should not just consider it good practice to help our kids read, but a necessary... Read more
Reading Disability Types and Intervention Help
Three Primary Types of Reading Disabilities There are numerous types of reading disabilities and learning disabilities, but most of them can be found in one of three distinct and overlapping categories. This is valuable information for educators because knowing what framework each type of disability resides in can help parents and teachers to provide specific... Read more
Modes of Reading to Develop in Your Student
Processing Literary Information How many different ways can you read?  Some will claim there is only one way to read, but taking in literary information requires us to change the way we are processing it.  There are five basic types of modes of reading.  You may not realize that most readers or students have used... Read more
Common Causes for Reading Problems: Difficulties & Interventions
There are many reasons why children may struggle as they learn to read.  Children who have difficulties reading simple words, do not read books that are at their grade level or have a failure in the progression of their reading development often have weaknesses in early core reading skills such as phonological awareness and decoding. ... Read more
How to Help a Child With Reading and Literacy Struggles
Teaching Great Reading Skills: What does that look like? There is a difference between helping a child to read and helping a child to read really well. It isn’t enough to help a child in learning the alphabet and a few sight words. Teachers and parents should set goals to help kids read with fluency... Read more

Our Pledge

We guatantee that if a child applies themsevles they will see Lexile growth during the year with an upward direction. If your child applies themselves with our help and does not succeed they we offer 100% money back guarantee
What is Lexile?
What is Lexile?
The Lexile Framework for Reading is a popular tool for measuring a child’s reading ability, or reading IQ. It is widely used in schools to help teachers and parents choose reading material at the right level of difficulty for a student. The score is measured by reading assessments or programs. Dozens of state reading tests and other reading programs measure a child’s Lexile reading ability. The Lighthouse Homeschool Reader is guaranteed to produce 3.9x gains in Lexile growth in your child’s reading ability after reading just 30 minutes a day. If your child does not see at least 3.9x gains in their Lexile score, we have a 100% money back guarantee!