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We are a Literacy Platform

It’s the ONLY fun and easy-to-use online reading program that customizes itself to your child and teaches all of the skills necessary to make your child a successful reader and writer. It’s acclaimed, tested, and trusted by parents, teachers, and educators.

Lighthouse reader has developed a unique feature to help kids who struggle with ADHD, Dyslexia, Vision Impairment, and Autism. Our Personalized reader takes rudimentary tools found in classrooms worldwide and uses technology to assist kids with reading preferred books.

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Our Pledge

We guatantee that if a child applies themsevles they will see Lexile growth during the year with an upward direction. If your child applies themselves with our help and does not succeed they we offer 100% money back guarantee
What is Lexile?
What is Lexile?
The Lexile Framework for Reading is a popular tool for measuring a child’s reading ability, or reading IQ. It is widely used in schools to help teachers and parents choose reading material at the right level of difficulty for a student. The score is measured by reading assessments or programs. Dozens of state reading tests and other reading programs measure a child’s Lexile reading ability. The Lighthouse Homeschool Reader is guaranteed to produce 3.9x gains in Lexile growth in your child’s reading ability after reading just 30 minutes a day. If your child does not see at least 3.9x gains in their Lexile score, we have a 100% money back guarantee!