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What is Lexile

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Used every year by over 35 million children in the US alone, the Lexile framework is a proven tool to measure and forecast reading ability. Scientifically validated by over 1,000 external studies worldwide, including Johns Hopkins University, a Lexile assessment allows you to personalize and optimize a child’s education by finding books that are just the right “fit.”

While many metrics only measure the complexity of a text, the Lexile framework also measures the ability of the child. This allows a child to be matched with texts, from among over 100 million books, articles, and websites, that fall in their “zone of proximal development.”

This critical “ZPD” is the sweet spot where the magic in reading progress really happens--from 100 Lexile points (100L) below to 50L above their Lexile score. When reading texts from within this zone (called “Power Texts”), your child is provided with the ideal level of challenge to help them grow as readers, while still being able to comprehend the text.

Within Lighthouse Reader, a parent can enable a powerful tool called Flip-Flop Mode. In this mode, your child toggles between being required to read a “Power Text,” from within that crucial zone of proximal development, before switching to “Free Mode,” where they are allowed to read any book in their library. After reading a book of their choosing, they are flipped back to only “Power Texts” for the next reading selection. This ensures that your child is reading the content that will truly help them progress, while giving them freedom to also read what they like.

This is why the Lexile Framework for Reading is at the heart of Lighthouse Reader. Every 15 days your child’s Lexile score is automatically updated so that every aspect of their literacy experience can be dynamically tailored to their needs and parents always have real-time analytics on their child’s reading progress and future projected growth.


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Hi, my name is Alicia! 
My Lexile Measure is 570L 
My zone of proximal development is 620L (+50L) - 470L (-100L), choose from the range below to see what 
books are in my zone!
What is Lexile

Matching Readers

Typical Lexile Reader Measures by Grade for English Text

GradeReader Measures, Mid-Year 25th percentile to 75th percentile (IQR)*
1BR120L to 295L
2170L to 545L
3415L to 760L
4635L to 950L
5770L to 1080L
6855L to 1165L
7925L to 1235L
8985L to 1295L
91040L to 1350L
101085L to 1400L
11 & 121130L to 1440L
*IQR - Interquartile Range Source: lexialearning.com
The Lexile® Framework places both the reader and text on the same developmental scale, making it easy to connect the student with books targeted to their reading ability.
Articles can also be found on metametricsinc.com

West Virginia Takes Steps to Ensure All Students Are Prepared for Success in the Workforce

The West Virginia Department of Education leverages Lexile and Quantile measures to provide teachers, parents and students with important information for personalizing learning and charting growth toward college and career readiness. Lexile and Quantile student measures are reported from summative assessments in grades 3-8 and from SAT scores for grade 11. State leaders collaborated with MetaMetrics to develop a Lexile and Quantile Parent Report that effectively communicates information about students’ Lexile and Quantile measures. The report features the Lexile and Quantile Growth Planners that help forecast student reading and math growth starting at third grade and compare that forecasted performance to text and math demands of college and careers. With the Growth Planners’ career exploration feature, students and parents can select from hundreds of careers to evaluate a career’s educational requirements, salary range, job demand and much more.
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North Carolina Students Use Lexile Measures to Build Reading Skills

K-5 educators face unique challenges. In addition to teaching and preparing students for high-stakes tests, successful teachers of young children also create lifelong readers. This responsibility weighs heavily on the shoulders of Susan Sidden, K-5 supervisor of reading and writing for the Wilkes County School District in North Carolina. Wilkes County is a quiet, largely rural county located in the northwest part of the state, at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains. With a spread-out population of about 66,000 and a 45-minute drive to the nearest major metropolitan area (Winston-Salem), Wilkes County—and, by extension, its school district—is self-sufficient, self-reliant and determined to excel. It was that determination that led the district to turn to Lexiles to help its students build literacy skills.
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South Florida Middle School Uses Lexile Measures to Map Path for Meeting State Learning Standards

As every educator knows, reading must be taught on an ongoing basis and throughout the curriculum—not just in Reading and Language Arts classes, but in all classes, particularly in elementary and middle school. As students progress up the educational ladder, they must use their reading skills to interpret and analyze materials in every subject area. At Boca Raton Community Middle School in Florida, a new program is putting The Lexile Framework for Reading to work throughout the school's curriculum, helping teachers to ensure that students meet state learning goals.
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Lexile Measures Help Alaska Elementary School Foster Strong Reading Habits, Increase Student Reading Proficiency

Schools everywhere are grappling with balancing the ever-increasing emphasis on standardized test scores while ensuring that each student's individual learning needs are met. A small Alaska elementary school has achieved that delicate balance. East Elementary School in Kodiak implemented a school-wide reading initiative that is instilling a lifelong love of reading in its students and making their scores on the Alaska state reading assessment skyrocket. Part of the Kodiak Island Borough District, East Elementary is located on an island off the southern coast of Alaska, where it serves 320 students from the town of Kodiak and the nearby Coast Guard station. School principal Ron Fried and reading specialist Margaret Reed embody the independent, self-sufficient attitude for which the forty-ninth state is known, and in 2002 created an in-school reading program using The Lexile Framework for Reading.
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Using Lexile Measures to Build a Community of Readers in Houston

Houston Independent School District (HISD) is no different from most major urban school systems. As the largest public school system in Texas and the seventh-largest in the United States, HISD faces the challenges of serving a socio-economically and ethnically diverse student population with a wide variety of learning abilities and educational needs. Under the leadership of Superintendent Abelardo Saavedra, Ph.D., the district is dedicated to giving every student the best possible education.

Jim Hundemer, HISD's library services manager, attended the first Lexile National Reading Conference in Dallas. There, along with hundreds of his colleagues from Texas and around the country, Hundemer learned more about The Lexile Framework for Reading and the power that it could have for helping improve student reading abilities at HISD.

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Our Pledge

We guatantee that if a child applies themsevles they will see Lexile growth during the year with an upward direction. If your child applies themselves with our help and does not succeed they we offer 100% money back guarantee
What is Lexile?
What is Lexile?
The Lexile Framework for Reading is a popular tool for measuring a child’s reading ability, or reading IQ. It is widely used in schools to help teachers and parents choose reading material at the right level of difficulty for a student. The score is measured by reading assessments or programs. Dozens of state reading tests and other reading programs measure a child’s Lexile reading ability. The Lighthouse Homeschool Reader is guaranteed to produce 3.9x gains in Lexile growth in your child’s reading ability after reading just 30 minutes a day. If your child does not see at least 3.9x gains in their Lexile score, we have a 100% money back guarantee!