Our Approach

LightHouse Reader, brought to you by LightSail Education, is used by hundreds of thousands of students per year in countries all over the world and specializes in reading, fluency, writing, comprehension, and vocabulary.
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Our Approach

With Lighthouse Reader, we now offer a unique product for struggling readers. 
Our reader is designed to help kids with ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, Specific Reading Disabilities, 
and Visual Impairments. This means your child can read any book available on our platform with ease. 
We have over 150,000 books available for purchase so your child can never run out of content to read.

Our Personalized Reader includes 
the following features:

  • features Definitions
  • features Choose between viewing 1, 3 or 5 lines of text
  • features Customize the text view by choosing the outline color or keeping a straight -edged white box
  • features Control the shading of text ‘Above’ and ‘Below’ the text being read
  • features Ability to self correct by clicking a shortcut of going back 1, 3 or 5 words during the auto reading modes
  • features Choose “Follow” and the student reads along at his own pace as the text is turned to a preferred color
  • features Choose “Push and Cover” to
    • - block out text as it’s being read, at student’s pace
    • - uncover text as student’s pace
    • - highlight only the word being read, blocking out the words before and after
  • features Ability to read along as the text is read aloud at the student’s pace
  • features Choose among many human voices when using text to speech
  • features Choose preferred font and font size, including specialized fonts for Dyslexic readers
  • features Adjust the spacing between words to fit reading comfort level Switch to dark mode
  • features Switch to dark mode
  • features Customize the background and text color
  • features Select any specific part of speech to be highlighted as student reads along
  • features Bubble technology for vision impairment

Components of our Literacy Platform


Every student has the right to literacy. LightSail believes in educating the whole student by providing content in financial literacy, health literacy, digital and other requirements for the 21st century.


Tens of thousands of relevant, authentic and engaging texts, from leading publishers, that students can learn, grow and develop from.

Different Learners

Attention struggles, dyslexia, lack of fluency, poor comprehension, everyone learns in their own unique way. Their reading platform must change and adapt to the reader and not the other way around.


Built-in assessments track the growth, the stengths and weakness of each student and presents to them boks designed just for the individual.


LightSail reader is never limited to the size of their library or limits of their budget. Content from anywhere can be brought into the platform, making the possibilities endless.

LightHouse embeds assessments right into the student reading experience. Short, relevant questions appear with frequency as a student progresses through a text, making assessment feel authentic and pressure-free.

LightHouse is partnered with MetaMetrics, the creators of the Lexile framework, to embed quick vocabulary assessments, called cloze items, throughout each book. These assessments allow LightHouse to accurately pinpoint a child’s reading level while also predicting future performance.

Children will also encounter multiple choice and short open ended questions at the end of chapters. These questions look more closely at a student’s comprehension of a particular book and how a student is performing on a particular skill, strategy, or standard. The short open ended questions are written at a deep level and require text-based evidence and critical thinking skills. Parents can see how their child is performing on the embedded multiple choice or short open ended response questions and are able to drill down to specific standards to create targeted instruction.

Our Pledge

We guatantee that if a child applies themsevles they will see Lexile growth during the year with an upward direction. If your child applies themselves with our help and does not succeed they we offer 100% money back guarantee
What is Lexile?
What is Lexile?
The Lexile Framework for Reading is a popular tool for measuring a child’s reading ability, or reading IQ. It is widely used in schools to help teachers and parents choose reading material at the right level of difficulty for a student. The score is measured by reading assessments or programs. Dozens of state reading tests and other reading programs measure a child’s Lexile reading ability. The Lighthouse Homeschool Reader is guaranteed to produce 3.9x gains in Lexile growth in your child’s reading ability after reading just 30 minutes a day. If your child does not see at least 3.9x gains in their Lexile score, we have a 100% money back guarantee!